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Complex nutritional formulas

Specialized in the development and manufacturing of complex nutritional products, Laita Nutrition is your best ally to successfully complete your projects. Indeed, working with Laita Nutrition, you benefit from the support of a dedicated R&D team of engineers and technicians.

Each engineer is a project leader with a global vision and total control over on-going projects. The project leader is the linchpin between the various departments of Laita Nutrition. He ensures that each development runs smoothly and reaches a successful outcome. In addition, he works closely with our purchasing department from the beginning of the project to provide you with the most adapted ingredient and packaging options both from a quality and cost-efficiency standpoint.

The R&D department can produce samples and prototypes in their application labs and pilot plants. Various measuring instruments also ensure products are monitored throughout the development process (rheology, pH, sensory analysis, etc.).


Laita Nutrition’s manufacturing facilities ensure the optimum quality of our products.

The facility located in Ancenis is equipped with a multi-stage drying tower producing milk powders intended for the nutrition market.

The plant in Créhen consists of a drying tower and associated canning facility. This cutting-edge equipment, inaugurated in 2017, meets the highest international food safety standards: hygienic design, cleanability, foreign-object risk management, etc.

In Ploudaniel (Western France), Laita Nutrition specializes in the production of ready-to-consume liquid products. After being sterilized, each product is then packaged aseptically, thus ensuring product safety and a long shelf-life.

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Laita Nutrition guarantees the perfect traceability of all products, from the reception of raw material to the finished products delivered to you. In addition, quality controls are also performed at each step of the production process.

Food safety

Laita Nutrition has full control over its products and processes, thus ensuring the quality and safety of the food delivered to its clients. Thanks to the assessment and control of the various risks associated with our business operations, we guarantee that our products comply with global food safety standards.

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