Diet Food & Sports Nutrition

Laïta Nutrition develops diet food and sports nutrition products designed to meet specific nutritional requirements.

Meal replacements

Snacks / Common foods

Diététique lait laita

Products created to meet the various needs of active people and athletes; and to support the development of their physical performance

  • Before a workout: energy intake
  • During a workout: hydration and energy
  • After a workout: recovery is essential
lait laita sport

Tailor-made products developed to meet specific functional or nutritional requirements.

Alimentation fonctionnelle lait laita

Beverages formulated with the specific needs of women who are either pregnant or breastfeeding in mind.

Boissons pour femmes enceintes ou allaitantes laita
Your project

Wish to hand over the production of diet food and sports nutrition products to Laïta Nutrition? Feel free to contact us, our R&D team will create a custom-made formula tailored to your needs.