Our commitments

Passion du lait®

All Laïta’s stakeholders, farmers and employees, are involved in Passion du Lait® (Passion for Milk), a corporate quality management and sustainability initiative introduced by Laïta to stay in tune with society’s expectations and better serve consumers and customers.

This progress-driven approach is built, both up and down the supply chain, upon three major focus areas: well-being, the environment, as well as land stewardship and local economy.



Guarantee quality working conditions for both employees and dairy farmers as well as the health and welfare of the animals we are working with in order to ensure the high quality of our products for the well-being of consumers.



Better understand and reduce the environmental impact of our activities on the environment.


Land stewardship and local economy

Ensure a sustainable future in our region for the families of our farmers and employees.

100% made in France

Laita Nutrition guarantees all products are 100% manufactured in France. Our three plants are indeed all located in Western France: in Ancenis (Department of Loire-Atlantique), in Créhen (Department of Côtes d’Armor) and in Ploudaniel (Department of Finistère). Development, manufacturing and packaging are performed in France, thus ensuring the highest quality of our products.

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